Why this website?

 I created this website for a few reasons...  

  To give everyone a different point of view of the paranormal, A view of the paranormal without any religious beliefs involved.  This will be explained more in detail shortly.

To share all data about the paranormal that has been proven by science and what is also theory. 

To also give you the tools to perform your own investigations and research.

      So to explain my point of view of the paranormal, I remove all religious aspects when I do research or someone asks me to do an investigation. I am an Aethist. I do not believe in 'Heaven/Hell' or ' God/Satan'. Nor do I believe in Angels or Demons. As a species, we have evolved through thousands of years to be what we are now, this also includes animals, insects and plants. Science has proven dinosaurs have existed and evolved to birds and lizards of today. Humans have evolved from Neanderthals to what we are today. When I do research into the paranormal, I always keep in mind that when I capture EVPs, see anomalies or ghosts, objects move, etc., the energy causing it was once a person. So I ask as you read this website to keep in mind, the view that all paranormal is created by a person and at one time had a physical form. There is much more to this that is explained in other sections of this website.
   Moving on...so many people are interested in the paranormal. It answers the question, 'Is there life after a physical death'. The obvious answer is yes. Even those who are scared of the paranormal cannot deny that this evidence exists, but they just dont want to encounter it until they move on. Despite what any one person's beliefs may be, there is enough documented evidence to prove there is existence once our physical bodies expire. Then people will take the question to the next level and ask, 'What is the afterlife?'. That question is why there is interest in the paranormal. The farther we explore the paranormal, the more answers we will receive and be able to answer the above questions.
   'EVERYONE' will experience so type of paranormal activity in their lifetime. What is different is if you choose to ignore it, completely disbelieve it exists, accept it and move on, or if you choose to have an interest in it as I do. To each their own, but for some, they choose to to have an interest or wish to get answers, so on the website I will provide the information you will need about Techniques and Equipment to utilize, as we all information about how to interpret your results. I will also give you information about various programs to use for Video and Audio evidence you collect.

  This website will updated fequently with new information and research. I will also update with audio, video and photographs involved with my research as this may help you to understand what to expect and look for if you choose to do your own research. 

About myself

 So a little more about myself....
   First and foremost, I am a Paranormal Researcher, not a Paranormal Investigator. I shiver when someone says I am an Investigator. I use science to try to explain the reason for and what is, the Afterlife and the Paranormal.
  An investigator will go to places in hopes they can discover something paranormal by collecting evidence. Most investigators have no interest in helping anyone or trying to answer the questions I try to answer by doing research. They simply want to be the ones to find the 'Ultimate Proof' or the 'Holy Grail' of evidence that they will then show off on a website or try to make money off of it. Most shows you see on Television are doing this. They say they can help by removing the entity but most times they fail miserably. Investigators will also do this as a way to get money from those that believe they are 'suffering' from the paranormal by charging people or saying they take donations and guilting people into paying them.
  As a Researcher,  I will always have to first investigate any area for proof there is paranormal activity. You cannot research soemthing that is not present. Once it is determined that activity is present, I then start the 'Research' cycle which involves asking questions, collecting evidence and analyzing the evidence for answers of why this activity occurrs. This involves looking at dozens of points to each location whether it is a cemetery, house, business or even a person or object. I have NEVER asked for money nor accepted donations when doing research and I never will. I do not do this to make money off of my research. I do have a Patreon account that people contribute to if they want to see in depth research. This helps to pay for my equipment but I make no profit. It only contains item from my research in public areas. Never individuals. Most people use it as a step to begin their own research.   
  How did I get into this field....  My family has had encounters with the paranormal as far back as I can remember. On a few occasions I would see my deceased Great Grandfather passing by the windows of his old house. He built that home himself and loved it and as I became older I can see why he would choose to stay there even after death. My Mother would also tell me about her instances where she would see him while she was at the house visiting my Great Grandmother. Even my Great Grandmother would talk of seeing him in the house after he was gone.  

My Grandmother would sometimes talk about seeing shadows moving around the house out of her peripheral vision, but when she would turn to look directly at them they would be gone. Trick of light? Who knows for sure but she was adamant she seen them. 

 My Great Aunt was a well know Medium in the Tri-state area. People use to travel a long distance to get in touch with her for various reasons. She has since passed but she was the classic Medium using authentic Ouija Boards and conducting seances. I would like to believe she was one of the true Mediums considering so many people would seek her out. She obviously had the reputation. 

 It has not been proven that this ability passes through the bloodline. But it would not surprise me to know it does. I am certainly no Medium and there are so many fake Mediums out there, but obviously I have had numerous dealings with the paranormal through my research.

  I started getting deeper into the paranormal in my mid-twenties. I had heard of some people involved and decided to read up on the topic. After researching it further, I decided to give it a shot, so I purchased a common digital voice recorder and a cheap digital camera.  My first attempt at catching evidence was also my first experience with activity. I went to a local veterans cemetery in Phoenix AZ. I spent 4 hours walking around asking if anyone was present and/or wanted to talk, all the time I am taking pictures. 

 I walked into one smaller section and started having problems with my camera. It started developing red lines across the view screen. After several minutes I was able to get it to stop and continued on my way. After getting home I uploaded my photos and audio and looked at pictures for any signs of ghosts while I listened to the audio. I recognized where I was located in the cemetery based on the questions I asked.... 

'Dont move'.

 What the.... I know I heard it, hit rewind and play.....

 'Dont move'.

 It was plain as day. A clear male voice, Class A EVP. I couldnt believe it. There was no one in that cemetery but me so I knew it was not another person alive saying it. I must have played it 50 times. There was no doubt I got my first EVP on my first attempt. I was hooked. After the adrenalin started to wear off I then started to wonder why. Why was he there? Why would he say 'Dont move'?  I went back the next day but did not find any further evidence but I know what I found the first time.
  My next attempt was an old cemetery in Scottsdale AZ. This time I took 2 recorders and purchased a better camera. I also went at night this time since it was so close to a road I didnt want any noise to contaminateany evidence I may find. I arrived just after dark and left about 1am. The usual taking pictures and asking if anyone wanted to talk to me or say something.

 When I got home I immediately started check my pictures and listening to audio. A short time into  the audio I heard footsteps over the recorder followed by a small female voice...

 'Papa help'.....

Rewind and play...

 'Papa help'..... 

I listened to it dozens of times. My wife seen my expression and asked what was going on. I had her listen to it and she heard it very clearly....'Papa help'. I didnt have to explain to her there was no one else around. All my wife said was 'Oh my god'. Then the question started, Why? Why? Why? The voice was that of a little girl 2-3 years old. I was going to find out who and why. 

Looking back it was at this point when I realized I was more interested in the research. I visited the cemetery the following day and spent hours combing each grave site for a little girl 2-3 years old. I found 1 at 12 yrs and 1 at 8 months then I found her. Ester Carroll. Born 1929, Died 1932.    I had the name and dates.

 I turned to the internet at the Arizona Death Index. Found her death certificate. She had died from drowning in 1932. Poor child.  

 The next question was 'Why did she call me 'Papa'?  I spent the next few weeks digging back through library archives. I had the date and city but it was difficult to find. I finally discovered the reports and a small newspaper article. The report stated Ester was with her father near a local park which also had an irrigation canal running along side of it. She had fallen into the canal somehow and drowned. I answered my next question. She was obviously wanting her 'Papa' when she was drowning and now in her afterlife she seen me and thought I was Papa. This created more questions which I have answered over time. 

 Every year after I had this encounter I would go to her grave on her birthday and leave her a stuffed animal and talk to her. But this one encounter forever set me in the direction to study the Paranormal and why it occurs.
  Since then I have spent hundreds of hours researching evidence I have found. While I discovered the circumstances surrounding Ester, I want to answer the question of 'What is the Afterlife?' and 'Why does it happen?'. They may not be answered in my life time and I will find out once I pass on. But perhaps I will be able to answer them before and know what to expect once I die.